Google: No Difference In SEO Value Between Nofollow, UGC Or Sponsored Link Attributes

2 min readDec 31, 2021


Google’s John Mueller confirmed what it has I believe said before, that there is not difference in terms of SEO value between the three link attributes. Google supports nofollow and also UGC and sponsored link attributes. In terms of the difference in SEO value, there is no such thing, they all do the same thing — which is not pass any link value from the source page.

John was asked “is a nofollow backlink better, equal or worse than an ugc and a sponsored backlink?” John responded on Twitter “there’s no practical difference in terms of “SEO-value” for the site you’re linking to.”

Google Search Console’s Link Report Not A Priority For Google

Google’s John Mueller was asked on Twitter why the pipeline to get data into the link report within Google Search Console seems slower than most the other reports. In short, John said that links is not an area they think SEOs should focus too much on and thus the report is not an area where Google thinks there is “any need to spend lots of resources” on.

John was asked “A GSC property filled with data except for “Links” section, 6 days after the creation of the account, is it normal? For both Domain and Prefix URL accounts (for an old website).” So why is the link report so much slower than the other reports to fill in the data. John gave a few answers:

(1) “Different parts of the reports use different pipelines, which populate in different frequencies. That’s why when you add a new site, you see some data, but not a lot, and over the next days it starts filling up,” he said.

(2) “Sometimes one cycle breaks too, and it waits for the next run,” John added.

(3) “We don’t focus that much on links,” John said, he added “I don’t see any need to spend lots of resources on the links report — it’s not something we tell people to focus on.”

So Google isn’t dropping links but the company does not want you to focus too much on them. It does seem SEOs are focusing a lot less on links these days based on a recent poll we ran.{F1FCFC07-CD4C-451E-9FB1-85D2EDF276BA}&link= Transit Pros Inspection Service&url=âm+HUA&field_attribute_to_url=




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